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woman and our thoughts and prayers go out to her family. everybody have a wonderful and safe weekend. good night. election is over and mitt romney is still going dirty. >> it's a proven political strategy give a bunch of money from the government to a group and guess what? they'll vote for you. >> we have the tape and he has extra cheap shots he took at balm we will -- obama we'll explain. and down goes hostess. who is at fault. >> it's the company's way of lying to us. >> that doesn't mean you should strike and put 17,000 or 18,000 others out of work because you are unhappy with the terms. >> we have very unique coverage and tell you what you are not getting about the real story
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behind that bankruptcy. >> and get a load of this pro-life politician. >> tennessee voters responding to a bombshell revelation about newly reelected representative. >> the doctor who slept with all his patients and pushed for how many abortions. that proy life guy? we'll tell you. and to top it off a ridiculous elbow of the day. fun for everybody. it's go time. note not -- | [music] | we start with serious international stories that also relate to our internal politics. the situation in israel and goesa has gotten very bad indeed. want to show you an abc news clip about all the latest
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developments [sirens wailing] >> sirens sounded today in tel aviv send ising residents fleeing for cover. an explosion heard in the city but the rocket appears to have fallen into the sea. this is the second day will palestinian militants have fired on teleaveef the first air tark tack on the city in decades. the antimussil system has stopped half of the rockets fired. israel says it struck 150 sites overnight the military claims some were are used to launch rockets. of the prime minister from egypt visited gaza meeting with hamas's deputy prime minister and touring a hospital. the prime minister called for an end to the attacks. 16,000 israeli reserve is soldiers are mobilizing signaling a possible ground
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invasion. >> we will continue to exercise prudence while defending our citizen is against terrorism. >> protests against both sides are being held around the world including midtown manhattan. >> has i watch that, look, both sides are important and we can discuss both sides. because of the way the media is structured they have reporters in tel aviv and israel and not as many in gaza and have easy access to israely leaders and don't have easy access and i'm being kind by saying that, to the leaders of palestinians. you see an ambassador or netanyahu from israel. i don't know if -- whether you believe them is a different
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question on both sides. all right, now let's take a look at curious timing here. on november 6 we had u.s. elections later more than a week later the hamas military chief is killed. rockets target teleaveef the first time tel aviv has had promming since the neap anticipate oos and they have israeli elections. one piece of good news is we have is the iron dome project good news for israel and everybody who cares to protect civilians. the united states spent 1.5 billion to make sure iron dome was sent to israel. i agree with it and i think it is tariff to perhaps save lives. i'm not sure why we are funding
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it, but we can have that conversaitionz as well. we have everybody in the house. the professor is here. great to have you here. >> good to be here. >> anybody know why we are funding the iron domey? i think it's great and israel should have it but like, i don't get it. >> you really don't get it? >> why is the united states funding. >> when the united states has glommed on to israel or israel has glommed on to the united states as an ali. in that time line is that israel in going afterra jabari when in breaking a ceasefire. there was a ceasefire in place israel broke. i think if -- it has nothing to do with the u.s. elections and
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a romney losing and saying we are not going to be part of the u.s. and making your question more ironic. we are israel and will do what we want to do even though our candidate lost and we need their money for the iron dome project. >> we gave them iron dome before the elections and there is no instigation on one side before the u.s. elections. israeli right wing is in charge. if you don't have war you do a peace deal, the right wing loses its reason for existing to some degree. hamas while they are the more militant folks have an incentive to create war. do we have a situation here where we have put the wrong people in charge or incent vise for more war? >> it's not farra fetched when you consider the israeli elections take place of
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january 2013 and this is netanyahu's way of flexing his muscle and garnering support among some israeliis. when you look at the time line you notice that everyone is saying, especially the u.s. government, that israel has the right to protect itself, but it is a country that broke the ceasefire and killed an 11 month old child in gaza. and no one is really discussing the palestinian's rights to defend themselves. >> one last question about that. i think both sides need to be respected and they are scared in tel aviv. are we getting a clear sense of the palestinian perspective in the u.s. >> that's extremely important. if we can't trust the media to share with us in some vaguely intentional way an objective two-sided approach we can't participate in a global
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conversation about what are the best strategies. peace is not going to come easily no matter what. it will not come if both sides don't feel their perspective is getting air type. vilistened over the last week and it is stunning how absent both sides are. it's been the big claim, right tell both side is of the story this is american journalism. >> it's out the door. all right, i have to go on to benghazi. now, over here we have he said-she said on benghazi and benghazi-gate so called. of this is all about susan rice after the attacks going on all the talk shows and i don't want to put words in her mouth. >> based on the best information we have to date what our assessment is of the present is in fact what began spontaneously in benghazi as a reaction to what had transpired hourserer in
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cairo where you know there was violent protest outside of our embassy sparked by this hateful video. >> the republicans are all over her for that. let me show you a mash up of the republicans outraged by this. >> she expressly says this was not a pre-planned or premeditated attack. why was that done? >> some disconnect to the reality, i don't trust her. >> i don't know how anybody of that capacity could have been on television five days later saying the things that were said. >> so disconnected from reality. let me read you what all the government officials were given as a statement. quote:
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it's almost word for word for what susan rice said except she did leave out the part about extremists. when you look at that, guys this just seems like politic right? >> right. >> before the election and the focus on president obamaa what a horrible foreign policy and he cannot bey reelected. again gassy, gets re -- reelected. susan rice shouldn't be put on the post look at benghazi. >> we had this debate yesterday on the show and i think she purposely left out the extremist part and before the election
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they didn't want to go in that direction. so what? so when we kill folks and u.s. citizens that has consequences and you criticize the administration for that and a lot have consequences. i don't see what the big deal is. >> these are cia talking points. who is privy to them the white house and whoever they share it with and the intelligence committee. this was not just kept to susan rice as her script for the sunday morning shows. these were shared with everybody who would be privy. >> the last point is the idea she is not qualified and i doacht trust her -- don't trust her, i have big ears for racial language and i'm hearing them there. this is not a reasonable way. >> i didn't pick that up. the one person they said was
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unqualified is soto mayor. >> and go to say we supported condoleezza rice it's just susan rice. >> when we come back, the president has a bit of bro-mans going on with john boehner. >> my understanding is material is speaker boehner's birthday. >> i we will talk to senator sanders when we come back. and the elbow of the day of i have to be honest, it's ridiculous today. good luck tryinginging to guess. when alea was born i definitely
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was not prepared. i just asked myself, "am i doing all that i can, am i doing the best that i can for her?" my whole family was so thrilled and so excited. it was just the start of a wonderful journey. i feel lucky every single day that i have my parents, i have my grandparents and that alea has grandparents and great-grandparents. sometimes they'll joke around and they'll say, " how's our baby, how's our baby?" and she's almost like this collective family baby. the fact that all of these generations can live together happily and get to know each other and learn from each other is really incredible. my mom was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes when she was 15. when she was first diagnosed they didn't even have any blood sugar monitor. people really didn't know what the future would hold for her but now, today, there are so many resources available to her. she has all these technological devices to help her stay healthy. >> it's sunny out. >> it is sunny out. since alea was born, i almost
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feel more responsible for making the world a better place. we all have the ability to make it better for ourselves and for our children. >> brought to you by roche, the maker of the new accu-chek nano blood glucose meter.
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>> he went the and talked to his donors. he thinks president obama won the election and we have stap of it. >> the president's captain capain did was focus on certain members of his base coalition given extraordinary financial gifts from the government and then work very aggressively to turn them out to vote. >> all those gifts he gave the constituencies. ly hissed hispanics, blacks, young voters specific young voters getting cont cention for free. wonder who his views on younger voters let alone women voters and he had this jab. >> what the president did is he gave them twoa thing, one he gave them a big gift on inigration with the dream act amnesty program. number two put in place obamacare which basically is
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$10,000 a family. it's a proven political strategy which is give a bunch of money from the government to a group and guess what? they'll vote for you. the giving awayy free stuff is a hard thing to compete with. >> my god, helping the people that voted for you in a democracy a leader wouldn't want to do that. that's just the tip of the iceberg and the problems this tape has created for mitt romney you are talking about the ears in the last segisment when he talks about blacks and hispanics. what are his view of the entire segment of the population. >> when you listen all the constituencies that were supporting obama it's the vastĂș majority of the country and languages it way in had a way that looks like graft, a give away what he was doing. just a smaller number of people.
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>> the people on the phone call. the whole point of the romney campaign was tax cut giveaways to you guys and i can't believe you took in your billions in gifts. >> the other thing is 10,000 per american family. that is discrimin toriy and unfair. that's called the whole country. the idea that policies -- obama has been steadfast in refusing targeted policies and has been mr. lift all boats. of even when he is mr. lift all boats it sound is -- they make it sound like they are givinga away to black, gays, women. >> he will do that and people says he won't focus certain groups. like you said -- >> he was reelected and he won the race. one of the things we are not talking about is that he is criticizing the president for
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getting out the vote. of he gives gifts away and then gets out the vote is. really? he is running for president and gets out the vote, i can't believe it. >> his disstain for people making 30 thousand-35,000 was striking to me and made me think thank god he didn't become president. get a a load of the cnbc report against whose tax plan we might adopt after the election. >> this might be a republican tax plan that democrats like. remember when mitt romney quoted the idea of capping tax deductions. more and more democrats are coming around to the idea. could this pave the way for a deal? >> why did we just have the election if we are going to do romney's tax plan and here is ball parka being conciliatoriy. >> our job is to make sure we
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are able to work together, find common ground, make tough compromises and build consensus to do the people's's business. >> conaccepts us is one thing adopting the losing guy's tax plan is another thing entirely. i talked to senator bernie sanders and what he thoughta of the president's position. interesting answers, let's watch. >> the key issue in that campaign was whether or not the wealthiest people in this country are going to be asked to pay more in taxes. we won, they lost. and that's what it -- in terms of social security you are beginning to hear more and more people say social security has nothing to do with deficit is reduction because it is funded independently by the payroll tax and by the way the social security trust fund has a 2.7 trillion surplus and can payout all benefits for the next 21 years. it is a good discussion to have
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at some point, hopefully soon about how we expand social security and make sure it is solvent for the income 75 years -- next 75 years without cuts but that has nothing to do with deficit reduction. >> your position on the advantage of being 2.77 trillion surplus for social security and having the american people on your side. that is usually not something that is a formula for success in washington. why are we having so much trouble convincing a democratic president who just won an election based on what you are talking about who has the polls behind him from cutting the programs that are enormously popular? >> that is is the $64 question. it boggles my mind and that has to do not only with the president, but has to do with many members of congress.
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what we have is seen in the last number of years is republican obstructionism, republicans saying it is our way or the highway. we don't really care about things like extending the debtle ceiling and don't care about anything other than getting our own way. >> senator bernie sanders thank you so much for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> i have an answer to his conund rum. they are not stupid. i don't trust the conservative democrats in the senate they will do romney's tax plan because that's who wha the donor's paid for. >> i think an easy solution is getting rid of the social security tax cap. anybody making over $110,000 stops paying into the social security trust fund. how about we get rid of that. how about we make it a higher amount of money or something like that.
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>> if you had 250,000. you can just move the payroll tax to 250,000 and above you don't paya. it would be balanced for the rest of time in perpitute. >> no one wants to have that discussion. >> you know why? they are not interested in social security. they put social security so they can rob it so they can take money from there and put it into the general fund and that general fund is going to tax cuts, etc. >> this goes to the question of why doesn't obama take advantage of this obvious fact and help sell it? i think there is an opportunity to recognize that he can convince voters who could change the mid-year elections to understand what is really going on. >> it's so easy and it's so obvious that you come away thinking he doesn't want it. look here we go with more boehner love. i have to show this.
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this happenedda at the end of the meaning. >> wait, wait, excuse me there is one other point that i want to make and that is my understanding is material is speaker boehner's birthday. for those of you who want to wish hip a happy birthday -- we not not embarrass him with a cake because we didn't know how many candies were needed. >> yeah, right. >> we do want to wish him a happy birthday. >> thank you. thank you. >> all right. thank you, everybody. >> that would be all be nice if he well a tough portion stance -- negotiation stance and he does not and it seems frustrating to people who don't agreey with boehner and don't want to wish him a happy birthday. >> a different situation when reagan and tip o'neill were working together and o'neill would stand up on the president and the president would stand up to tip o'neill and now vuboehner
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standing up to the president and the president not standing up to boehner. larry cudlow have -- they have been talking about capping deductions to bridge the divide. just because larry call its the romney tax cuts it's not exactly that. >> it's also the new york times reporting. >> you are not wrong -- >> if they don't increase the tax rates obama is an enormous sell is out how is that for clear? >> agreed. >> when we come back, hostess is going out of business but probably not for the reason everybody else is telling. >> the economic down turn hit hostess hard. they lost 340 million last year. >> we are not some free union workers. >> why he might be right. >> and a republican in maine is amazed that he cease black
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people. >> there were dozens and voted election day. everybody has the right to vote.
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(vo) now, it's your turn. (vo) connect with the young turks with cenk uygur. >> it's go time. >> hostess brands is an 82-year-old business and has 18,000 workers and say they are shuttering everything down and will go into bankrupt. there goes twinkies, snow balls and ho-hos. they were named at a awe different time. i don't think anybody would go with that today.
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>> file aid motion with u.s. bankruptcy court to closey doors for good liquidating its assets and selling off the brand. the company say its does not have the resources to whether the strike. others say if that you are low on dough they should find other ways to custthe cost. >> we are not greedy union workers. we all have family here and mortgage and car payments, everything. >> and one of the heads of the union on strike said quote. let's open it up you to everybody. so, we looked into it, they are owned by private equity firm. that does not mean that's it,
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but often time what they do is load up a company with debt and the reason they do that is take the money out and put the money in their pocket. bane capital did this and companys are in good shape. and come out of bankrupty perfectly profitable. even the reinstruct aring guy said we didn't make enough capital investments. why? because you had too much debt. what do they do? they blame the workers. >> that's the worst part of the story. right now they are using the unions -- >> it's the snack cakes are going away. >> i disagree with that a little but bit. the worst part is the unions are the scapegoat.
4:32 pm
people will turn to this story as an example of why the unions are unreasonable and why companies go bankrupt, because the unions are asking for too much and won't negotiate and won't strike a deal. no one is really going to delve into the deat as of why this -- details of why this company filed for bankruptcy and that's the real problem. >> it's a really bad thing. to hear him say we are not greediy. on the one hand i'm -- i had given up ho-hoes a long time ago. my concern has much more toe do with the way in which workers are being crushed. when they come back after their debt is solved they find new workers to exploit. it's aa apaling. >> let me show this graphic:
4:33 pm
now, wait a minute. why would you get a bonus for driving your company into bankruptcy? doesn't it say so much about the assumptions. it's the workers fault they were too greediyy and we bankrupted the company we want 1.75 million. >> talking about romney after he lost the election and all the groups that president obama targeted to give you all that money instead of going to the groups that we target to give all of your money to. it's the hierarchy. of somebody is going to get this money for free and it's the wrong people. we are going to blame workers. >> great, great point. you remember romney and his campaign gave bonuses to the upper management of his campaign twice. >> the upper management wins no matter what. that is the assumption and
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it's -- by the way, it's not an accident these companies own not just hostess and wants to send a message, don't you ever strike we'll say that's it. you remember twempgies that's why it went under. and at wal-mart workers are considering striking on black friday. >> wal-mart is letting shoppers find deals early by opening thanksgiving night at the 8:00. protesting outside the wal-mart, employees angry because of the holiday work plan and took their frustration to the streets. in a separate protest riverside conte deputies arrested six people for blocking traffic. >> now the most amazing stat you will hear is that about 80% of wal-mart employees use food
4:35 pm
stamps. okay. you know what they do, it's an amazing thing. not only do they take it out of the employees but use the government to subsidize their business. in california the stunning fact they have 86 million a year, the taxpayers are providing for health care on just wal-mart employees and 144 million -- i'm sorry, much larger, 730 in taxpayer funded health care per employee we are funding in california. nearly 2,000 per wal-mart emmy ployee the taxpayers are paying and that gives us an advantage over mom and pop stores. >> think about the assumption of people who use food stamps it's always they are lazy individual who don't work hard. many of the people work 40 hours a week. why would you have -- you are workinga a futime job why aren't you getting paid enough money to
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take care of yourself. >> and they want hope to work on thanksgiving. the unions who created the weekend and child labor laws and created things so they would have a holiday and they don't care about the people, they care about the botop line. >> target is trying to get them to work on thanksgiving as well. and a petition on that as well. >> occupy strikes back in a new way. they are working with the banks to get rid of debts. we'll tell you about it. it's an amazing story. >> poof. | [music] |. >> pop! wow! >> the math is on our side. a little bit of moneyy goes a long way. did
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it in. my name's jon forsythe and i sea food differently. but whether he's climbing everest, scuba diving the great barrier reef with sharks or jumping into the market he goes with people he trusts, which is why he trades with a company that doesn't nickel and dime him with hidden fees. so he can worry about other things like what the market is doing and being ready, no matter what happens which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense from td ameritrade. >> let me quote the bible here, i don't do it enough on the show.
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that sounds lovely. the slave part is questionable, at least every 50 years they get freed and people get freed of their debts it's called a jubilee. and occupy thought that's an interesting idea. we should try that. first, lety me give you a scale of the problem in the united states. so, the occupy movement came up with this jubilee idea. a video that explains. >> here is how we are going to do it. in america banks sell debt on the shadowy market full of debt buyers. debt collectors turna around and try to extort the full amount from us. >> that's where rolling jubilee
4:41 pm
comes in, it raises money to buy the detect detect 62 instead of collecting on the debts geey will apolish it is. poof, sha zam. >> it's a fascinating idea. how much have a sha zammed so far? they raised 294,000. that'sa a ticker they have and it has extinguished almost 6 million in debate. the that is 6 million people don't have to pay in the urs; maze -- u.s. amazing. let me bring in the visual artist for rolling jubilee. tell me how this idea came about. everybody sitting around i have is a great financial idea. highway -- how did this happen? >> it is an idea that has been floating around activist circles for several years. when we met in the park for
4:42 pm
occupy we started to see the many ways in which debt was the tie that binds the 99%. and you i encountered this idea from david grayberg who heard it from michael white and i thought this is genius, somebody has to make this happen and i started researching how to do it and 13 months later it exists. >> the people whose debts are extinguished do they find out you guys did it? >> just this monday we purchased our first portfolio of debt for 5,000 we were able to abolish slightly more than 100,000 worth of medical debt. in the next couple weeks we will be trying to contact these people through certified mail. >> and what kind of debt are you targeting first? >> well, we are going to look at our entire debt system but to begin with we will look at
4:43 pm
medical debt because medical debt just shouldn't exist and most people understand that. this debt really is illegit motte because we shouldn't have a health care system that can force people into debt and bankruptcy. almost two-thirds of all bankruptcies have is medical debt as contributing cause. >> when you go tell them their debt has been erased you should tape that. those can be gold ep -- golden moments. it's an amazing thing. i want to talk about the reaction. >> so far it has been overwhelmingly positive. we have is had a few hostile responses but those have been the minority. even on the right people, forbes published something that said this is a great idea. that sort of tickled me. >> there is a great irony though, here is the occupy movement paying money to the
4:44 pm
banks. >> we are not dealing directly with the banks. most people in the united states don't realize there is a shadow market for debt that when banks irresponsibleibliy lend money and create these toxic assets the government has stepped in and mandated that they clear those off their books. they get a tax write off every time they do it. it's a mini-bail out. those ever sold on the secondary market of debt buyers who treat this debt with a little piece of someplace's life and their misery as if it were a commodity and trade it back and forth. the trick is that when the banks sell this debt to the debt buyers they sell is it for pennies on the there. that's what makes this project work. for just $5,000 we can eradicate over 100,000 worth of medical debt. >> that's a bail out for the
4:45 pm
american people who sorely need it. i have to be honest i wasn't sure occupy could organize to get something meaningful accomplished and you have done an amazing job with this. thank you so much for joining us. >> oh, thank you for having me. >> all right. great news from the occupy movement. how is that fora a great gift from for the holidays. ay pro-life life republican. how many aboargsess has he participated in. >> i'm the pro-life republican doctor. the
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>> all right, we're back. a couple of colorful republicans she wants to tell us about. >> my favorite family values congressman scott day jar lay his sex scandia continues to unravel. he is against abortion except he knocked up his mist rises/patient and urnled her to get an abortion. back in 2000 he was testifying during his divorce proceedings and information emerged about some other woman he was encouraging to get abortions. >> turns out the republican who ran on an anti-abortion platform testified he and his former wife made a mutual decision to have two abortions. that information from the
4:50 pm
transcripts of the doctor's divorce proceedings. during his campaign it came out a former patient said he got her pregnant and he scwed her to get -- he asked her to give an abortion. >> he gava a reason: >> oh, i see, when he does it it's a choice. >> yes. >> when other people do it it's really easy. it's super easy that youy just just -- they just do it for fun. >> he is pro-choice. >> literally. >> i think it's fascinating. the mistress, that's one thing when it's a family decision there are lots of reasons. if your family is going to decombust because you have two more kids that's a good reason to choose not to have two more
4:51 pm
kids. this becomes such an inflammatoriyy thing. i think we should have all the women who have been asked or pressureed to have an abortion by any pro-life candidates and let's get it out there. >> my last question on this is how many abortions do you stop becoming a pro-life person. is it three or four? how many mistresses does it stop being family values? >> one. >> and half were his patients and half were people who worked under him. real classy guy. won re, election easily. you voters nailed. well, actually, he nailed it. of we go to maine with another classy republicans. >> on tuesday, i mean literally hundreds of people came in, we don't know if they are residents or not and came in voted.
4:52 pm
some some parts of rural maine dozens of black people came and voted. everybody is epititled to vote but nobody in town knew them. without some kind of i.d. or way to check is fraught for abuse. >> that gem is charliey webster. it wasn't a couple of black people, it was dozens and dozens of black people. >> since he lives in his own bubble where he isn't exposed to people who are not white, i love how he assumed the entire state is just white. of dozens and dozens of blook -- black people. >> we are not worried about the other white people at the polls we don't know, but the black people get the voter i.d.s. >> the people in the city the where all the black people must be, knew there would be voter pressure would be there and drove out to the rural counties
4:53 pm
and voted. i did home work. in min main there are five -- maine there are 550 polling places and that would -- and is 7,100 vote isers. >> 7,100 black voters. >> you get 12 or there. there are your dozens right there. >> they investigated this. in 2011y he accused 200 college students who nobody had seen of showing up and no evidence for that and had to apologize for it. hey also sees chinese people. if you live in a town of a few hundred people: i'm not sure it is a good point. >> they -- either you are lazy or unenthusiastic or motivated
4:54 pm
on a grand scale to have something on sufis a grand scale. which is it are we not lazey and not involved with the size or are we cheating it? >> in the middle of his statement he tdz dozens of black people showed up, it's okay they vote. you are so merciful and by the way he had a conspiracy that illegal aliens from canada and perhaps venus were coming to vote. he didn't say venus, but that would be next. all right, when we come back, the elbow of the day. i have confess i came up with it is and it's ridiculous.
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>> here is a pain in the ass for our whole democratic prosystem. the filibuster that allows republicans to block all the bills democrats propose. all of a sudden here comes harry reed. >> it talks three filibusters you have to over captain three that's something you should change. of the rules we are going to make an attempt to change the rules and are working to maac sure we have the votes to do that. >> hey, you know what? hooey is on the right track. y are form it and if you filibuster youd actually have to filibuster like in the movieyyys and get up and tack until they ran out of energy or type or perhaps the support of the american people. the people who suggest ised it this were two senators and harry imposed it but real good credit to harry reid employee he said:
4:57 pm
that takes a lot of strength to be able to do that as a politician. good on harry. so, who is in the middle of the ring? it's the filibuster from harry reid from the top row. ironically what it does is it actually opens up filibusters. it stops them from gupping up the works but will create great moments where the republicans will have to go out and is read the bone book. >> and the elbow is squashing the speaking which is not really what will happen, there will be more bla, bla, bla. >> ironic. i told you it was a ridiculous elbow. they are great and will be back next week. i will be on vacation and michael and trisha will be here. it's a great week of shows.
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Scanned in San Francisco, CA, USA
Source Comcast Cable
Tuner Virtual Ch. 107 (CURNT)
Video Codec mpeg2video
Audio Cocec ac3
Pixel width 528
Pixel height 480
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Audio/Visual sound, color

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on 11/17/2012